CONAN Segment "The Clueless Gamer" Being Tapped For Television Series

Conan O' Brien's "Clueless Gamer" segment is so successful that TBS is planning a series around it! THR reports the series will be executive produced by Conan, but he will not be hosting the series. The host for the series has not been announced as of yet. TBS President Kevin Reilly had the following to say regarding the decision...

"We've gotten to the point where video game companies are sending us their new product for us to play and make fun of because it's been such a huge success. We're going to go into production on a series of that."

Depending on who they get to host the series, I think the show could b a big hit. I'm curious as to how a short segment could be turned into a full-length show do you fill that time? I guess we will find out!