Consumers Report Stores Understocking NES Classic, Prices Skyrocket On eBay

If you're wanting an NES Classic and you didn't pre-order one already online...good luck. Polygon and many other sites today are reporting stores are not stocked enough to meet consumer demand. Many who showed up to stores like Target, Gamestop, and Best Buy to purchase at midnight soon learned that many stores were grossly understocked and, in some cases, only had 6 consoles on hand. 

Another frustrating part of this launch is a lot of consoles seem to have been snatched up by greedy scalpers online. A quick search of eBay has sellers attempting to flip their recent purchase for around $200 on average...but sometimes well near $700. For the record, you can purchase an actual NES and all of those games for little over $100. 

Before everyone freaks out and drops bundles of cash because they don't want to disappoint anyone on the holidays, Nintendo has promised a second wave of shipments before Christmas. My advice is to try and see if you get lucky today, and if not be ready for the next shipment. It looks like we're approaching Nintendo Wii levels of hysteria here!