CONTROL Post-Launch Roadmap Revealed!


Remedy has outlined a number of post-launch additions coming to Control. Pretty soon a photo mode is going to be added to the game with a planned Fall 2019 release. I can only imagine all the awesome screens that will be released of people unleashing their powers on enemies! The End of 2019 will also see the release of the games new Expeditions mode that will offer new post-game content. Both of these additions will be included with free updates to the game upon release.

In 2020, Control will begin to see its first set of paid expansions with The Foundation and AWE. Both expansions are included as part of Control’s season pass but will also be available individually at an as of yet disclosed price. So far Control has been well received and these new additions are sure to keep players attention and maybe even draw in more.

What did you all think of Control?