CONTROL Preview: Losing Control


Oh, how the mind bending puzzle adventure genre is taking over the gaming world. It isn’t really, but there are a lot of these games, but I’m not complaining. Getting weirded out or scared in these surreal world story adventures really make for a fresh experience every time. Remedy Entertainment has now made a game called Control. This game show huge amounts of odd world flipping places and characters that can’t help going just as crazy as the world being shown.

Not too much is known about the story, and that is for the best in these types of games. Being able to see every detail and scene as a surprise is a wonderful experience and I look forward to playing through it in a non-stop run. The game play has dashes of action, world puzzle solving, choice making and platforming. As a side note, the cinematography for this trailer and the game in general looks incredible, each scene could be paused and made into a painting. I have no idea what is happening according to the trailers and this is what leaves me most excited, just knowing why and what is happening.

Control by Remedy Entertainment will be arriving August 27th on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Let us know why your excited to play this Pandora’s box of trippy ideas and gameplay.