Cool Trailer For EARTHBOUND Like Creepy RPG OMORI

A self proclaimed "psychedelic horror RPG" indie game is going viral on the web today! Omori first was funded on Kickstarter back in June of 2014, and is being created via RPGMaker.

In the game, your character lives in the "White Space". It's a scary place full of sadness and anger. Occasionally, your neighbors who live in a colorful world will play with you and you'll have a great time! It looks like the game will be split between these two themes and your party will take on an Earthbound type of RPG experience!

Just from looking at the trailer I can say this is a game I'm wanting to try out! According to their Kickstarter the game is supposed to release on PC and 3DS...but there's no timetable for when that happens. You can track their progress on their Facebook here