Cooler Master Launches Sick New Premium PC Case


Cooler Master has unleashed it new premium COSMOS C700P case upon the world and it looks sick!  While the COSMOS line of cases has always been sleek, the C700P really looks to outdo its predecessors with the inclusion of RGB Lighting and improved Tempered Glass siding.  As a long time system builder, the number of cooling options this case can support makes me happy!  From standard air cooling to supporting up to three separate water cooling radiators, of various sizes of course, will leave no builder wondering how they will keep their high-end builds cooled (third radiator requires the purchase of a mounting bracket).  To further allow customization to builders, the motherboard tray is removable and can be mounted in different orientations, standard, chimney and inverted so let your imaginations run wild!  For the PC gamer on the go, the C700P does, of course, still include the handles found on previous generations of COSMOS cases.  For you builders out there, what kind of crazy builds would you like to put in the C700P?

The COSMOS C700P is available now at various retailers for an MSRP of $299.99.  See the full spec sheet below.