Cooler Master Showed Off New M800 Gaming Series At CES 2018

Cooler Master has been a shining example of getting involved with community feedback. Last year they showed a line of products that were highly customizable. This year at CES 2018, Cooler Master took what they did well, and made it even better with the feedback they received from their fans. The M800 Gaming Series consists of several peripherals. Keyboards, a mouse, a headset, and a mouse pad. This is what Bram Rongen, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Cooler Master, said about the new series:

“The M800 gaming series embodies the best of the best. We aimed to raise the bar with unique technology and features such as the collaboration with Aimpad™, but also set the stage with a fresh level of design to ensure we deliver a premium gaming experience"

MK850 & MK851 Keyboards

Partnering with Aimpad was such a smart deal and an over all win for the consumer. It allows a cluster of 8 keys to essentially act like an analog controller. Many people didn't even know they needed it until they tried it. Similar to gaming console controllers, the keys will have press sensitivity. This is super helpful when playing games that require precise feedback, like racing games.


The MK851 will only have a Cherry Red switches option. Given the fact that it has pressure sensitivity, Reds were the only way to go. For the MK850, you will have the options of Cherry Blue or Brown switches. The precision wheel sits at the top of the keyboard and will work across MK800 devices since each peripheral will be part of a unified software. The unified software will work for all of the M800 series, not just the keyboards. This gives you the ability to sync up all your M800 gear. You'll also find that the new keyboards will have a premium weathered metal design. This means you wont get that plastic look we found on the MK700 series.

MM830 Mouse

A mouse with a built in D-pad. Who would have thought. The D-pad has a grip that has a proper texture, so that you can easily feel the button, but it doesn't take away from the design. Outside of that, you'll get the RGB lighting with tons of options. Great more so for MOBA and MMO type games. Its rather light and well balanced as well.

MH850 Headset

The simple design keeps it clean and not over the top. There a rather large knob on both sides of the headset, but for good reason. One of the is an easy to access control for Focus FX, which will isolate the mid and high tones to hear subtle sounds such as footsteps during competitive play. Turning Focus FX off instantly elevates the bass thus providing an immersive gaming atmosphere.


The Focus FX being a toggle is definitely more convenient than trying to remove the cup covers while playing on the last years pair. Super comfortable. I wear glasses and the tension on the headband is tight enough to stay on, but not tight enough to push my glasses through my head.

MP860 Mousepad

Not too much to say here. Its a mouse pad with RGB lighting to complete the peripheral set. One side has a textured cloth, while the other side is a hard smooth surface. It's as easy as flipping it over.

All of these are very well made and have a minimalist design, which I love. A lot of gaming peripherals have become a bit too flashy, but Cooler Master is keeping it classy. I am definitely looking forward to reviewing these products to give you all full details.


What do you think of the new M800 Series? Was there a feature you wanted that was left out? Did Cooler Master nail down all your favorite features? We hope to get these products in for review soon so we can tell you in depth, what its like owning one. Keep an eye here for the future review.

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