ICYMI: Could Pagan Online Be the Next Scratch for Our Diablo Itch?


Diablo Drought

With Diablo Immortal being the only confirmed title in what I call our current Diablo Drought, the folks at Mad Head Games and Wargaming are bringing the very nice looking online, Action RPG Pagan Online next year to PC. The game so far looks quite a bit like Diablo, Wolcen, and Torchlight had an online baby. Starting with early “trials”, you’ll have a chance of participating in the early stages and test of the game. With the promise of tons of action and plenty more loot, I can’t but help to get a bit excited.

Daddy. Want. More. Diablo-esque. Games.

While I am definitely excited to see the potential here, I help this doesn’t fall into the Pay to Win Microtransaction arena. For now, I will remain extremely excited but cautiously optimistic as it seems the Action RPG genre has seen its share of disappointments as of late.

You can check out more info and sign up for the Trials on the official Pagan Online website.