Creatures Take Vengeance On Vikings In Cool Trailer For PROJECT WIGHT

I'm trying not to get my hopes up for this one, but damn does this game look cool! Project Wight takes place in an alternate Dark Ages where humans live alongside another type of intelligent creature. You play one of those creatures, who's kind is on the verge of extinction after persecution from the Vikings. 

We only see about 4 minutes of footage from this game and there are already a couple things I love about it! First off, I love that the game begins when you're a child and is played as a Survival-Horror. Then when you get older, it looks to become more of a stealth/action type game! FPS Survival-Horror is a fine genre, but by far the most frustrating mechanic oftentimes is not having the ability to fight back. I would gladly suffer through the early stages of the game in fear knowing I'll get my revenge in later levels!

Concept Art from game...

Concept Art from game...

I also really love the creature! It's like some mix between Werewolf/Vampire/Dragon which sounds like an absolute blast to play! I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one. The team developing the game, The Outsiders, is a new outfit lead by former Battlefield 3 lead David Goldfarb. Let's hope the lack of an established development studio doesn't prevent us from seeing this game for a long time!

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