Creepy Indie LITTLE MISFORTUNE Releases This Month!

Killmonday Games, the studio behind the dark adventure game Fran Bow, has announced their next game, which is slated for release on September 18th. The new title is called Little Misfortune, and it looks just as freaky and paranormal as the first game.

The trailer introduces us to the protagonist Miss Fortune and the eerie Mr. Voice that communicates with her. Just like Fran Bow, this new experience has the player follow the path of a young girl and, if the first project was any indication, it will likely be exploring mature themes with irresistible charm. The art style is both childlike and sinister, so we’re interested to see what mischief or mayhem awaits the little protagonist.

Little Misfortune will be available on PC when it hits Steam and other online stores later this month. While you have time, we recommend checking out its sister game, which players responded to very positively.

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