What Game Are You Playing This Weekend?!

Hello my weekend gamers, it is once again that time of the week that we can sit back and enjoy some gaming! I have a lot of things I am hoping to spend some time with so without any further delays here is my list of games that I hope to play this weekend!

Apex Legends

Yes I have hopped onto the Apex Legends bandwagon… I have found the combination of hero shooter/battle royale to be an interesting take on the genre. I am not personally a fan of hero shooters but in this case I have been having a blast. I also really like how well done movement mechanics and shooting feel leading to a great overall experience!

Multi Racing Championship


A terrible racing game by Ocean for N64! Why am I playing it you ask? Easy, I am resuming my quest to play every single North American released N64 game in Chronological release order. The next game on the list MRC which launched just after GoldenEye 007!

Minesweeper Genius

A new take on the old school classic! Minesweeper Genius is next up on the review list and I can’t wait to see how its new spin on the classic plays out. Full review coming soon!


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon


I am obsessed with Bloodstained right now! I got the game back at the beginning of the month as part of Games With Gold and have been playing almost every day since. Now I am just 2 playthroughs away from 100% the entire game. If you are a fan of classic Castlevania style games go check it out for yourself!

This is my list this weekend, what is yours?! Let us know over on social media and in the comments below!