Cults And Prisons Are Now A Thing In ANIMAL CROSSING: POCKET CAMP

Animal Crossing has been a fairly cute but weird game ever since the beginning when it was first released for the GameCube. I mean all of a sudden you become the mayor of an all-animal town, which is a bizarre concept but works pretty well with fans. 

Now, with the release of the first mobile game in the franchise, Animal Crossing has reached a new height of weirdness. Players are now transforming their campsites into hideouts for cults and a prison due to the weird way furniture works in Pocket Camp. 

If you place a lamp down the ground, villagers will congregate in front of it and will repeatedly turn it on and off. Same goes for when you put down instruments, the villagers will stand in front of it and will play a random tune. Putting a chair down will lure villagers to sit on it even if the chair is accessible or not. If you try to fence a chair in, the villagers will be able to spawn inside and sit in it. 

With these rules, it is only a matter of time before players get creative and create creepy camps. Check out these variety of lamp cults by players: 

Besides the weird cults, some players also like to imprison their villagers: 

How did you set up your campsite? Is the freedom of your villagers a right or a privilege? 

Source: Kotaku


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