Customize Your Fridge With These 3D SUPER MARIO BROS Magnets


A new way to pin stuff to your fridge, entertain the kids, and, to be honest entertain ourselves, bringing a fun and nostalgically classic character like Mario closer to our everyday lives is now available. What I'm talking about are the new 3D Super Mario Bros Magnets!

These 3D magnets contain a flurry of characters from the Mario franchise, including Bullet Bill, along with the different type of brick blocks you could break for items. These magnets will stick to anything with a metal surface and let you create your very own Mario level to hold up all your coupons, keep-sake, children's work, and more!

Whether you want to recreate the classic levels, like the forever popular World 1-1, or want to bring a little Mario Maker to your daily routine, these magnets are what you have been waiting for. With a limitless amount of opportunity, Mario's challenge lies within your own creativity.

What kind of level would you set up? Do you see your favorite character in the Super Mario Magnets list?