Exclusive: Rob DenBleyker Talks About His New Game JOKING HAZARD And The Twisted Impression CYANIDE AND HAPPINESS Has Left On The World

It’s hard for me to think of when I’ve seen anything from Cyanide & Happiness and didn’t consider it to be pure comedic gold. The style of the characters remind me a lot of why I fell in love with Terence and Philip with their beady eyes and flapping heads. Taking influence from Calvin and Hobbes and The Far Side, Cyanide & Happiness has always provided a hilariously crude twist while delivering consistently insane scenario conclusions. Joking Hazard is designed to put you and your friends in control of such whacky concluding moments in a sequence and it looks absolutely hilarious. It's all based on the brilliant idea behind The Random Comic Generator.

I was lucky enough to have a phone call with one of the original creators of the franchise, Rob DenBleyker. I wanted to talk to him about how such a genius and successful concept gets put into gear. The Kickstarter campaign for Joking Hazard was original pitched at $10,000, just as a number to watch and gauge the reaction. As of this writing it is at a colossal $2,121,348. If you consider yourself a person of math or maths, the numbers indicate that it is, indeed, a metric shitload higher than the original pitch! 

Join me in this new episode of GameTyrant Audio where we talk all about Joking Hazard by hitting that sweet sweet play button. Interview starts around 5:00! Thanks for the time Rob, can't wait to play this game!

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