Dad Can't Find POKEMON For POKEMON GO On Vacation, Complains To Local Government

A furious father, claiming his vacation was ruined by the lack of Pokemon to catch, has taken his complaints to the local government of Holland-on-Sea. Nintendo Life reports the man had taken his children to the British seaside town to catch Pokemon (why you take a vacation for that is beyond me) and was so disappointed on the lack of Pokemon in the area he lodged a complaint with the local government.

The hilarious part is the government looked into it and found out that Pokemon appearance is tied in with the amount of Google traffic a certain area has...

Our research found the locations of Pokemon Go characters is all down to Google traffic. We did get the request as to why there were no Pokemon characters in Holland on Sea from a father who had been out with his children.

Basically, the reason is that there's not enough people using Google along the beach and you cannot actually request characters.

This is 2016. This is the world we live in.