Danish CS:GO Player Prosecuted For Scamming Players Out Of Skins

For perhaps the first time ever, A CS:GO player has been fined for in-game activities in a court of law. Gaming.Dk (with translation by Reddit and Google) reports a Danish man who promised payment in exchange for another gamer's knife skin and then didn't send money on receiving has been charged with 30 days conditional (if he gets in trouble again he has to serve the sentence basically) jail time and 40 hours community service.

The scammed man, Nicolai Pedersen, shared his story with the site...by the way, this is the best Google could do so be gentle...

It started out with, I created a post on CS: GO Denmark, where I wrote that I sold my knife when I had lost interest in the game. I was subsequently contacted by a person who had an interest in buying my knife where we agreed on a price of 1,510 kr. He told me that his mobile was for repair, but instead he sent the money through bank transfer and I would thereby received the money on Monday now that it was Saturday. Since I had not received the money on Monday morning, I contacted him again, he assured me that the money enough to come in at some point. On Tuesdays deleted and he blocked me everywhere so I had no further contact with him

Pederson contacted the police, who had already received a similar complaint on the guy before so they went and arrested him! Pederson says his testimonial confused the judge and lawyers as they did not know what "skins" were in the context of the game.

Ultimately the guy was charged but Pederson still has yet to receive his money for the stolen skin. Crazy story but I'm sure this is only the beginning of higher profile cases!