Darbian Has Once Again Beaten His Insane SUPER MARIO BROS Speed Run Record


Once again, Darbian is the top speed runner for Super Mario Bros. Darbian, who is one of the first people to complete a sub 5 minute run in the game, now holds the new record for the game at 4 minutes 56 seconds and 528 milliseconds. Take a look at the final moments of his run in the clip below and continue reading:

The run put Darbian 350 milliseconds over the second place record holder, which is the equivalent of one frame in the game. Talk about threading the needle. It sounds like Darbian utilized a new flagpole glitch to shave the time off his run according to the speed running community, which appeared to make all the difference in him completing the trial.

Just how much quicker can this game be completed?! The latest records are coming down to half a second differences so I gotta think this game can't be completed in any time less than 4:50. What do you think? Check out the full run below:

Source: Reddit