Dark And Challenging Platformer DREAM ALONE Launches Today

Bringing a platform style game into a horror-themed atmosphere and mixing it with a dark story, we have a challenging game that is sure to test our patience and skills. Dream Alone by WarSaw Games is the game that is blending these aspects together and launches today on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, there is no launch trailer, but if you haven't heard of this game yet then check out the overview trailer.

Starting off with a story about a plague putting people into coma's and mixing that with a boy who travels alone through dangerous terrain to do what he can in this time of crisis, we're in for a sad ending. The aspect of the other-world, where everything becomes orange and full of death, is a very creepy way for players to find hidden paths and handle tough situations.

I can tell we are in for a trial-and-error game so difficult with "an ultra-difficult classic 2D platformer" listed directly in their Steam page description. Will you have the patience to handle the challenges within the dark atmosphere of Dream Alone?