Dark Horror Themed 2D Side-Scroller Game VIGIL: THE LONGEST NIGHT Looks Brutal And Intense


Nights filled with grotesque creatures, both big and small, that you have to fight your way through in order to find your lost sister. Indie developers Glass Heart teamed up with publishers Another Indie in order to bring Vigil: The Longest Night to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in early 2020. This dark horror themed title highlights a detailed art style inspired by paintings from the medieval period and influenced by the art of Chinese Paper Cutting while bringing some hardcore action.

Vigil takes place in a world without sunlight. You play as Leila, a member of the Vigil, who returns to her hometown in search of a lost sister, but gets lost in a world of terror. These creatures takes her simple mission deeper as she uncovers the secrets of the town and source of evil that plagues the countryside. This game is sure to catch fans of titles like Castlevania and Salt & Sanctuary with its precise and technical combat as well as a rich and strong narrative.

It may be a few months before this title is released, but check out the trailer and see what these guys have in store for us at the start of next year: