DARK SOULS REMASTERED Is Now On The Nintendo Switch


One of the hardest games ever created was the genre-defining, patience testing, and frustratingly fascinating series Dark Souls. After Bandai Namco successfully brought the Dark Souls Trilogy back to the latest generation platforms with the Dark Souls Remastered collection they aimed for yet another platform; the Nintendo Switch.

Now you can bring the hardest battles and intimidating bosses with you everywhere you go on the portable Nintendo Switch! It’s time for you to head out into the world, find yourself with a little bit of waiting time, pull out your Nintendo Switch and show the nearby folks what gamer rage really looks like! Do try to keep it contained even though you just died for the 34th time on only the second boss.

The Dark Souls Remastered Nintendo Switch edition comes with updated visuals and includes the Artorias of the Abyss expansion bundled with the main game. This will allow you to traverse the twisted land of Lordran where tormented souls are lurking around every corner ready to bring your journey to an abrupt end.

Since you will be able to play this both on the go in the portable handheld gaming system, I would recommend to take advantage of being able to play from the couch as well when it comes to the hardest sections of the series. Otherwise, this is one of the best options for killing time while honing your skills while waiting in the doctor’s office for the appointment you made it to on time or while waiting for your girlfriend to finish window shopping at their favorite stores in the mall.

With the game available on the Switch now, where do you see yourself taking the challenging battles with the destructive enemies lurking within Dark Souls?