DARKSIDERS III is a Misunderstood Gem With New Keepers of the Void DLC


Different is Good

When you finally arrive at the third entry in a series of a celebrated and generally praised series of games, like Darksiders, you have basically two choices: Stick to the formula and make another semi-cookie cutter version of the previous games in the series or, in the case of Darksiders III, take characters, themes and art styles yet flip the gameplay completely on its head. While many balked at this move, I embraced it after a few moments of awkwardness. The game is much tougher than the first two entries but it is also MUCH more rewarding with the inescapable comparison to Dark Souls.

Instead of resting on its laurels, Darksiders III constantly challenges yet rewards players with checkpoints they are returned to when they die, resulting in a sometimes frustrating yet as mentioned, a much larger sense of accomplshment. I absolutely love the game and now, the latest DLC, Keepers of the Void that just furthers the awesomeness of Fury and her journey through so many dark, dangerous yet absolutely gorgeous worlds.

The game and DLC is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Check it out ya’ll!