DARQ Announces Upcoming Free DLC!

Something rare has happened! The first time developer team Unfold Games has announced that they will be bringing new levels to their well-received game Darq through DLC and that it will be completely free. This announcement came directly from the games Steam store page in a Thank You note to the players. The funny thing is, we are all thanking them for making a new unique puzzle game for all of us to get the chance to experience and in return they are giving us free new content?! When was the last time you saw any development team do that?

If you do check out my review on Darq, my only complaints were chapter length, overall enemy use, and puzzle difficult. Adding more chapters is likely to mean that we will be seeing all three of these aspects added to the game to give it more flair. Even if the new chapters are around the same length, having more of them extends the overall game which is just as much the same.

I am truly excited to see what new chapters they will have in store for us and if they will be able to get the puzzle players out there to have to spend some time trying to figure out some obscure, weird puzzle. You can walk on walls, ceilings, and flip rooms in this game, so the options are truly endless!