Dave Bautista Fulfills His GEARS OF WAR Dreams


It is no secret that Dave Bautista is a Gears of War fan. He has stated many times before that he is an avid fan of the series, and has even shown interest in playing iconic character, Marcus Fenix, in the upcoming movie based on the critically acclaimed franchise. It was recently revealed across multiple Gears of War social media pages that Dave Bautista will become a playable character in Gears 5, shortly following the game’s release. You can view the reveal announcements below.

Dave Bautista will don the armor of Marcus Fenix, and be available to all players in Gears 5, for free on September 15th, following the WWE Clash of Champions event. Gears 5 is available on September 6th for those that subscribe to the Ultimate Game Pass, as well for those that bought the Ultimate Edition. It will be available for those that bought the standard edition four days later.