Day One Update Brings Friend Codes Back To Nintendo Switch

Just when we thought Nintendo was making such progress...this happens. A day one update for the Switch has added the eShop, ability to share screenshots...and friend codes. The big rumor going into the Switch launch was that the big N would be allowing users to exchange Nintendo Network ID's and add others that way, but that now looks to be false.

Friend codes are back in all their unnecessary 12 digit goodness and while there are alternative methods to add friends, this will be the primary way. It's insane that I only need 9 digits for my personal identity but Nintendo has 3 more just in case a stranger tries to add me.

Players will also be able to add people locally, recently met individuals, and people whom they are friends with on Super Mario Run and Miitomo. That last one, in particular, is important for me as it's going to be my way of getting all my friends into my system that I have on social media. If I were you I would make sure to add friends this way and save yourself the headache of throwing your 12 digit code on forum boards. 

Source: VG247