DEAD BY DAYLIGHT Releases new SAW Themed DLC


Today Starbreeze Publishing, together with Behaviour Digital and global content leader Lionsgate release new content for the popular horror game DEAD BY DAYLIGHT. The Saw franchise is one of the highest grossing horror series of all time at over $1 Billion in the world wide box office.

Fans of both the game as well as the popular movie series may be slightly disappointed as you won’t actually be able to play as the infamous serial killer. Instead players will play as  Amanda Young one of Jigsaws proteges. She will be dressed as the Pig and playing as her you will have the ability to lay reverse bear traps around the map which will spice up spooky the game of cat and mouse. Additionally players will also be able to enjoy the game as David Tapp, a cop who is hell bent on bringing the Pig down, the characters new and old will fight it out on a new themed map from the movie franchise.

All together this is what you can expect from the new DLC

"The SAW Chapter" includes:

  • New Killer + Perks and Power - The Pig

  • New Survivor + Perks - David Tapp

  • New Map - Gideon Meat Plant

Here is a trailer for the new content, which stays true to it's nature while definitely also feeling like a trailer for a SAW movie. 

The DLC is available for download on steam right now for $6.99. Will you be downloading and dawning one of these new characters? Do you still play DEAD BY DAYLIGHT? Let us know in the comments!