DEAD BY DAYLIGHT's Year 4 Dev Diary Sums Up Their Livestream News


Yesterday the Behaviour Digital held a livestream event to cover all the news on what to expect in the fourth year of Dead by Daylight’s development. The obvious aspects of bug fixing, glitches, balancing, and Ghost Face were all discussed, but there were some amazing new aspects announced that are worth get excited for! You can watch the full event here.

In this Year 4 Dev Diary video below, the developers summarize everything that they plan on bringing to the game over the next twelve months. There will be a couple map reworkings, overall graphical improvement, the ever-requested Freddy rework, dedicated servers, and my personal favorite, the added story elements provided through a new area called “The Archives.” Check out the video:

One of the aspects they don’t really expand upon in this video summary that is shown in the road map is the Party Management aspect. I am hoping that we won’t have to leave the party after every game anymore and will finally be able to just party up once to stay together until our gaming session is over. This is something I know has been highly requested by the players, so I’m sure this is a focus this year.

I am really excited to see how much further they are planning to expand this game and that they have no intentions on slowing down development for any part of Dead by Daylight. This game is sure to have multiple years ahead of it and I will be enjoying it every step of the way. How do you feel about all the updates and announcements they featured in the Year 4 Road Map Dev Diary?