DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Gets A Limited Time Deluxe Demo


Dead or Alive 6 launches on March 1 but why not get a head start on the latest fighter right now! Koei Tecmo has decided to help build up hype and awareness for the game by releasing a Deluxe Demo that comes fully outfitted with 24 characters of the games fighting roster. Players are able to try out a story introduction, training mode (complete with combo training, command training and free training) and online matches against other players. The Demo will be available starting today for all Xbox Live and PlayStation Plus subscribers and lasting just 2 days until February 24 so get you time in now or wait until release.

Being a demo there are a lot of features missing that will be in the full release but for a demo the content included here is pretty impressive. Gameplay has also been very smooth and quite fun but I have only gotten to try out training mode as of the writing as I wait for the full download to finish. From that brief gameplay I am, so far, pretty satisfied with the improvements made over Dead or Alive 5. The new break system has been a blast especially since I am garbage at the old counter system. The added SP attack is also pretty dang cool to see used by and against you!

Are you a fan of the Dead or Alive games? do you plan on picking up the full game on March 1? Share your thoughts below!