DEAD OR ALIVE 6 Has Entered The Free To Play Market Faster Than Anyone Expected


That’s right, just 2 weeks after its original launch on March 1, 2019, Dead or Alive 6 has gone free to play. This free to play mode is no surprise as previous interviews with Producer Yohei Shimbori had already revealed the existence of such a version of the game. I think the biggest shock with today’s surprise release comes down to timing. Again we are just 2 weeks removed from the full $60 retail launch of the game and now anyone who didn’t buy it then has access to most of the game for free…

Dead or Alive 6: Core Fighters version gives players access to 4 characters, Kasumi, Hitomi, Diego, and Bass, that will be rotated out for other characters in the game over time. All the characters will also be available to purchase individually so if you are only looking to grab a few characters that you main you are now able to for a fraction of the original $60 launch price. Core Fighters will also give players access to basically every game mode featured in the full release of the game minus the story mode which is available as a separate purchase. If you do still wish to get the full retail release the early adopter bonuses have been extended.

What do you think about the free to play version of Dead or Alive 6 coming out so soon after the retail release? Share some thoughts below!