DEAD RISING 4 Is Adding Dante From DEVIL MAY CRY... Sort Of


Along with the announcement of a new game mode that will be launching in December, Dead Rising 4 is going to give you the chance to play as Dante! Well, not exactly... it's just Frank dressed as Dante, but you get all the cool moves from the Devil May Cry series! Check out the announcement trailer:

That Capcom Heroes mode seems pretty badass, but despite all the characters listed my hype is all on Dante! I can't wait to use the sword skills from one of my favorite franchises, which should have a new game announcement at any time, and whipping out the dual pistols to gun down the undead hordes with style!

The mode will be on all platforms, including the not-so-long ago announce to launch on PS4 via the Frank's Big Package deal, and I am hoping to hear that this will be available in the co-op modes as well.

Now I wouldn't be doing you justice if I didn't take a moment to talk about the Cammy costume from Marvel vs Capcom. Joke costume, epic skills, and power moves just aren't enough for me to say that I can handle seeing Frank wear the skimpy costume! So much leg, and not to mention how creepy his face looks under the wig, that is by far the weirdest character costume choice I have seen in quite awhile. Out of every character in the series, I am sure there could of been a better choice.

All-in-all, the character choices from this upcoming free DLC update seems like a lot of fun! While I am hung up on Dante, X and Zombie Frank are no doubt going to be a great addition to the gameplay of an already amazing title! Which costume do you look forward to wearing most and why is it Dante?