DEAD RISING 4 Reveals Over The Top Christmas DLC

While I question the ethics of a game that just released two weeks ago and was based on Christmas magically having more DLC Christmas for you to purchase, this is pretty cool. Even if Capcom is trying to poke those wallets just before Christmas doesn't mean their "Stocking Stuffer" DLC pack for Dead RIsing 4 isn't awesome! Zombies are now elves, snowmen, and gingerbread men out for brains and the holiday season has never been so grotesque! 

Frank, of course, will also be outfitted with new holiday-themed weapons, a new vehicle, and all the wackiness you've come to expect from this series for an additional $4.99. If you have the season pass or deluxe edition you should already have the content, although one could argue that a game that takes place during CHRISTMAS probably already had this content since before launch.