DEADLY PREMONITION ORIGINS Is Getting A Physical Release This November!


During yesterday’s Nintendo Direct it was shocking to see that the 2010 Xbox 360 title Deadly Premonition would finally be getting a sequel. Even more shocking was the surprise release of the original title on the Nintendo eShop during the show! Now it appears that Deadly Premonition Origins, as the title has been dubbed, will be getting a physical release this November courtesy of Aksys Games.

Deadly Premonition has players assume the role of FBI Agent Francis York Morgan as he tries to catch the Raincoat Killer. Various characters and paranormal events will be encountered along the way all resulting in one of the horror genres more unique titles over the years. Thanks to this surprise re-release players will be able to better prepare for the games upcoming sequel.

No solid release date has been given yet with more information still to come but the release has been described as a collectors release so I imagine that means it will be limited. I am just happy to get all the games on a Switch cartridge as I can so be sure to check back for more info as it arrives!

Are you excited about the being able to grab a physical copy of Deadly Premonition Origins?