DEADPOOL MONOPOLY is Sure to Make You Laugh DEADPOOL MONOPOLY is Sure to Make You Laugh


OK, this is a Deadpool-themed game of Monopoly. There’s no way we could or would ever deny that. I know Monopoly gets a lot of hate (and has more themed versions than the population of a small country), but I enjoy playing the occasional round with friends. However, I don’t know that people could get angry playing this Deadpool version. Why? Let’s start with the tokens. The Deadpool logo, a bomb, an “OK” hand gesture, a chef’s hat, a taco, and a unicorn. Could you get too upset at someone playing Monopoly with a unicorn or taco token? Second, instead of buying and renting properties, you’re buying and renting different versions of Deadpool. I’m a little sad that I don’t see Gwenpool, but at least there’s Dogpool. Instead of Railroads, you have “Sweet Rides” like a unicorn and a moped! Community Chest and Chance cards are replaced with Pouches and Dumb Luck cards and the wording is great. Instead of just saying “Get out of jail free,” you get, “You had way too much fun in jail and they kicked you out.” This version of Monopoly seems to be a great way to take the anger and frustration that many feel about this game and diffuse it a little with some classic Deadpool humor. You can pick up Monopoly Game: Marvel Deadpool Edition on Amazon for only $19.99 right now!

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