Update: Deal's Over - DEAL ALERT! Grab Some SanDisk Micro SD Cards On The Cheap!

switch sd cards.jpg

Are you in desperate need of extra storage space for your phone, camera or Nintendo Switch? Amazon (affiliate link) is doing some great deals right now on Micro SD cards that can fix that problem right up!

First up is the 512 gig card (affiliate link) that has been discounted to $80, a nice $100 discount from its typical $180! This monster is ready to hold hours of video footage or games. This one should take the average user quite a while to fill up. IF you happen to be a power user, why not grab 2 for less than the asking price of one!

The rest of SanDisks card line-up has also seen some discounts but nothing compared to the awesome 56% discount on the 512 gig model but you can check them out below!