Deal: BROOM SERVICE, LABYRINTH, And More Part Of Amazon Tabletop Sale

Tabletop fans! Ravensburger and Wonderforge are having a big sale on Amazon on their products today and there are some great deals you should take advantage of if you have the chance! Below are some of the ones I think are worth checking out, a description of what they're about, and a video of a playthrough to better help you make a decision. Happy hunting!

Broom Service

Price: $20.29

Before I jump into the official description, this is the most critically acclaimed game of the bunch. It's the 2015 winner of the "Kennerspiel des Jahres" which is one of the most prestigious awards you can receive in the board gaming industry. That said the "Kennerspiel" indicates this is a game that will be more for those who have actively played newer tabletop games in the modern era and will have a bit of an advanced curve of strategy and learning. Typically those games are pretty awesome but don't go buying this and expecting a kid to learn it right out of the box.

Official Description: Running out of potions? Then it's time for Broom Service! Wild witches zoom on their brooms, covering miles with their vials throughout the magical realm. They search and scour the land to gather roots, herbs and fruit to brew your concoctions, and Drizelda will help charm away the cloudy weather. Play the right card, at the precise moment, and woosh to the win! Score the most victory points by delivering potions via Broom Service throughout the magical realm. Broom Service is a card-based game that combines luck, skill and balances timely bluffing with clever hand management. Remake of the award-winning Witch's Brew: New theme! Now with 3 types of roles: witches, druids, and gatherers. Drizzelda, the weather fairy, helps chase away the bad weather. New illustrations and game pieces. Same style of play, and by the same game designer as Witch's Brew. Now also includes a 2-player version. The game is played over 7 rounds, with 4 turns per round. Each round, players simultaneously select 4 of their 10 role cards, and then take turns playing one role at a time. Each role has a brave action and a cowardly action; the brave action is stronger, but riskier, as another player could steal the action from you later; the cowardly action is safer, but not as robust. How well can you bluff your opponents? Use the gatherer roles to collect ingredients to make potions, the witch roles to zoom around on your broom to different areas, and the witch or druid roles to deliver the potions - collecting victory points as you go. Chase away lightning clouds with the help of the weather fairy, and keep an eye on the event cards that change game play, one event per round. The winner is the player with the most victory points after all 7 rounds are complete and end-of-game bonus points have been awarded.


Price: $14.03

Description: You’ll be aMAZED in this intriguing game. Use the Labyrinth board design to create a series of mazes players must move through. The objective is for each player to collect all seven treasures on their treasure cards as quickly as possible. But that isn’t all the challenge – players only know what their next treasure is after they find the one before it. And before each turn, a maze card is played into the maze, which means the maze constantly shifts and changes after each turn, helping some and leaving others lost. One to four players recommended.

San Juan

Price: $17.50

Description: A card game based on Puerto Rico. The pack of 110 cards consists of production buildings (indigo, sugar, tobacco, coffee, and silver) and violet buildings that grant special powers or extra victory points. Cards from the hand can be either built or used as money to build something else. Cards from the deck are used to represent goods produced by the production buildings, in which case they are left face-down. A seven-card hand limit is enforced once per round. This new edition of San Juan contains the additional buildings from the previously available expansion but not the event cards. It also contains a new building not previously available in any version: The Hut. This building grants a card when nothing was sold in the trader phase.

Of course, there are many of other deals on their full page you can take advantage of. Why not pick up something fun for a low price?