DEATH TRASH Is A Dark Pixelated Adventure Coming Early 2020

Stephan Hövelbrinks is the sole developer working on Death Trash, an action RPG game that will enter early access on Steam in early 2020. The gory adventure has been in development for more than four years, and the time on Steam before its 1.0 release will help to improve the gameplay, further build the story, and allow for player feedback on elements that could use tweaking.

The pixel-art slugfest will feature plenty of interesting characters (an encounter with a naked man is particularly engrossing), side quests in a semi open-world, and narrative dialogue choices for replayability. Gameplay will allow for stealth approaches or violent confrontations. So there’s a lot going on in Death Trash.

Death Trash - RPG - GameTyrant.jpg

Since there’s only one developer, anticipate an early access period of twelve months or more. But that’s not a problem because the Steam page describes Death Trash as “a post-apocalyptic world where cosmic horrors crave humanity, but meet punks with shotguns.” That’s worth the wait, right?

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