DESTINY 2: How, What and Why Finishers?


Another thing among the plethora of changes and things being added to the Destiny 2 world this fall will be finishing moves. The finishing moves will be almost like an interactive death emote. Let’s first take a quick look at one finisher for each class and see what we are going to be using.


The Warlock gathers “space magic,” focuses, and levitates off the ground then uses an open palm strike on an enemy. The enemy is smashed by a focused burst of light energy. I don’t know if the Warlock even makes physical contact, but that is normally the style of the space mage class, so why not?



What is a cosmic rouge without shiny knives? The Hunter pulls out two knives, does some dope flip and slashes the crap out of the enemy, send it flying. The flair and power speak volumes and will be just as fun to use on a Thrall as it will be on a Cabal Colossus.

giphy (1).gif


The king of melee in the Destiny universe. The Titans have always been one to happily (almost preferably) use a fist instead of a gun. The Titan simply proudly jumps and looks at the awesome power of his or her own hands and punches the target with all the might a Titan has to offer.

giphy (2).gif

The finishers are much more than flair, and they come at a cost. Normally costing a certain amount of super energy, the finisher can be used to knock out a huge amount of the enemy’s health and just kill fairly tough enemies. Finishes can also be buffed or altered with new perks that can be put on armor pieces. For example, there is a mod that will grant the whole team heavy ammo when finishing an enemy, but it will cost half of a super too. So there is sure to be lots of ways to use the finishers other than looking like a boss.

What enemy are you most excited to send off a cliff side with a finisher? I am excited to see how far I can send those Taken Phalanxes who always push me off stuff.

Shadowkeep comes October 1st, 2019 on all platforms. Check out our other information about what is coming alongside Shadowkeep, New Light and more!