DESTINY 2 Is Going Offline Today...Again


If you were looking to play Destiny 2 all day today, that's not going to happen. In what is beginning to become a weekly tradition, Bungie will shut the online servers down beginning at 11 a.m. EST to fix some issues in the game, and then bring things back up around 3 p.m. EST. Here's what is getting fixed in those 4 hours:

Fixed an issue in which players could lose access to the Veteran’s Transmat Effect by deleting characters

Fixed an issue in which clan engrams would grant Trials of the Nine and raid rewards at only 10 Power

Fixed an issue in which progress for the Exotic Quest Step “His Highness’s Seal” was not incrementing properly (Quest progress will still increment by 1, but the Quest Step now only requires 10 Seals to be collected)

Fixed an issue in which raid milestones would not show for some players after the weekly reset (This didn’t affect any raid rewards)

Fixed issues in which players could enter a state where they are continuously killed or unable to resurrect if encounter complete and failure events occurred simultaneously

While it is good that Bungie is working so hard to fix any and all issues with Destiny 2, one would think they could break up these hotfixes to small overnight periods to decrease the amount of time those of us who don't work 9-5 jobs are spending out of the game. Have you been frustrated by the amount of time Bungie has taken their game offline since launch?

Source: Polygon