DESTINY 2: Let's Talk About Armor 2.0


Along with Shadowkeep, New Light and Season of the Undying, Bungie has also overhauled the armor system calling it Armor 2.0. There are three major changes in the armor system: Mod slots, ornamentation and intellect/strength/discipline. Check out a quick overview to better prepare you for the massive changes.

You Get a Mod, You Get a Mod and You Get a Mod!

Armor will no longer drop with mods already attached. Instead, they will come with a number of slots which can then be filled in with a variety of mods, old and new. Each individual armor piece can be upgraded to level 10, which will then unlocks more slots for more mods and will have energy equal to its level. Each mod costs a certain amount of energy, like Enhanced Sniper Rifle Targeting will cost a whopping six energy but a general strength mod will only cost three energy. A player can switch in and out mods at no cost, allowing for endless combinations to really deck out your monster killing machine. There is no exact number of mods yet, but with various images, there seems to be easily over a hundred and even more seasonal mods will be found and can be used as time goes on.

Look At Me, I’m Finally Not A Hideous Monster

A lot of your armor sitting in your vault will be obsolete, anything from Eververse can and should be dismantled now for bright dust. This is because all armor from Shadowkeep and after will be able to totally change its look. If you have a dope helmet roll with super high intellect, but it looks like crap (especially with your other armor), have no fear, you can change it to anything you’ve gotten from the Eververse. It is not totally known if other year one or two armor pieces are going to be able to be in this pool of aesthetic changes, but at least we will have a number of good options and pieces from all vendors will become Armor 2.0 when obtained now. 

Leaning Into the RPG

Intellect, Strength and Discipline are all coming back into the game. Intellect will determine super recharge rate, Strength is melee recharge and Discipline is grenade recharge rate. Now each piece of armor will come with randomized stats for Intellect, Strength, Discipline, Mobility, Recovery and Resilience. As an armor piece is leveled to max and with certain mods, the stats will increase significantly. All the stats of all the armor pieces will make up your guardians overall stats (check out the video about, it will make a lot more sense seeing it in game). They directly change your guardians recharge rate speeds and overall power, this deepens even further the amount of customization that Bungie is encouraging and allowing for the players.

All of these will make guardians into better looking, more efficient and specialized guardians. I can’t wait to get my hands on Armor 2.0 and make seriously crazy combos. Let us know your plans and load outs you want for your future darkness destroying guardian.