DESTINY 2 PC Beta Will Have New Multiplayer Map, Security Precautions

PCNewsby Scott Elder

The PC community will have their first opportunity to get their hands on the new, shiny, goodness that is Destiny 2 in just over two weeks.  Today, in Bungie’s weekly update, we found out what folks can expect when they boot up the Beta on August 28th.

All of the same suspects from the console version of the Beta will be available;  the Homecoming Story Mission, the Inverted Spire Strike, and the competitive PVP mode Countdown on Midtown.  However, as we have seen something new with each revealed iteration of Destiny 2, PC players will be the first to set foot on the new Control map Javelin-4!  Bungie has also implemented some feedback from the console Beta as well as other tests to see the impact on the overall gameplay experience.

Bungie’s other major focus with their first outing for Destiny 2 on PC will be security.  Cheating is something that Bungie does not take lightly and their enforcement of the Ban Hammer and additional counter measures that have been put in place, will help to make the PC environment safe as well.

With these measures in place however, folks in the PC community may see some issues with certain communication and streaming/capturing programs.  Bungie is hard at work to make sure that these issues do not hinder the new upcoming community of PC users and streamers.  You can see the full compatibility list here.

Last week, after much anticipation, Bungie revealed the minimum and required PC specs to run Destiny 2.  Long story short, if you can find a potato to plug and mouse and keyboard into, you’re good to go.  They also revealed a new Exotic weapon, the Coldheart, which will be available for those who pre-order the game.

Will you be joining in for the PC Beta? Or will you be anxiously awaiting the console release on September 6th?

Source: Bungie

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