DESTINY 2 PC Review: Buttery Smooth Perfection

Story and Gameplay

Ahhh... Destiny. That word alone can invoke so many different emotions from gamers around the world. It may be a frustrating first game in the series, many late nights of Sci-fi bliss with your friends or perhaps a punishing round of defeat in The Crucible on the online multiplayer. Now that Destiny 2 is out on PC, I dare call it the definitive edition of the game. More on that later but for now, please check out our original Destiny 2 review for story, gameplay, etc and I'd like to concentrate on why the PC version of this game, if you have the rig to run it, is the best version of all.

In short, the story, gameplay, and content are exactly the same as the console version as they are on PC. No surprise there but the biggest thing that feels better is gaming at 30 FPS vs 60+ FPS. It makes the game feel more responsive and during big shootouts, much more intense and twitchy, in a good way, than its console brethren. This is not a PC vs console war per-se but I have mention, 60+ FPS makes a big difference on gameplay with this title. 

Graphics and Sound

The visual aspects of Destiny 2 are absolutely stunning. Make no mistake, on PS4 Pro and Xbox S/X at 4K, this game is absolutely stunning but once again, 4K @ 60 FPS is a dream come true. Seriously, how the wizards at Bungie pulled this graphics engine off is absolutely beyond me. Not only does the PC version of the game look marvelous, it's absolutely buttery smooth in gameplay, graphics settings, and even on lower spec machines and settings, the game still looks fantastic. Kudos to Bungie and Vicarious Visions for developing such a solid version of an already wonderful game.

Regardless of resolution, aspect ration, refresh rate (We mainly focused on 4K @ 60hz and ultrawide 3440x1440 @ 75hz) everything worked without a hitch. Even with our 4K HDR display, everything looked and functioned perfectly. Once again, while tech specs are not everything, it truly adds to an already spectacular game to not have any technical oddities or glaring issues.

In the audio department, the exact same quality voice acting, hauntingly beautiful music, and quality sound effects are all intact. 

What Could Have Been Better

Honestly, nothing. Wait.. what?! Yeah, I just don't have any complaints and suggestions for the PC version of Destiny 2. Sure, some could say that it's a little too similar to the first game or that there should be more content in the base game but at that point it's just nitpicking. This is one of the best AAA game launches in recent memory. 'Nuff said.


Look, I got bored by the time I finished the first Destiny and all the DLC that game with the final version and even though I had a lot of fun, it was a very disjointed and somewhat flawed gaming experience. Destiny 2, and especially the PC version of the game, feels exactly like what the first entry should have been. It's big, bold, beautiful and an absolute dream to play. Even though you can play most of the content solo, grab a buddy and dive into this modern masterpiece, especially if you've got a decent gaming rig to play on. I absolutely love this game and can't wait to see what comes next from Bungie HQ.