DESTINY 2 Planned For Late 2017 Release On PC, PS4, Xbox One

It would appear that the sequel to Destiny will be available on PC as well as console. The game, which was recently delayed a full year, will launch in the fall of 2017 according to Eurogamer. As for the games content, the only details we know is that the game will focus on Mars based Cabal and Saturn will be featured. 

I don't know where you fall on this news, but this is the first I've heard news about a sequel to Destiny being in development! I thought the plan was to continually update the game so that players would have something for up to a decade but looks like Bungie couldn't make that happen. 

While I am disappointed, I am somewhat happy if it means Bungie will be tweaking some of the features that caused me to walk away in the first place.