DESTINY 2: Season's Greetings From the Undying


Along with the other many changes coming to Destiny 2 this fall, the Seasons will have a massive overhaul. This will be Bungie’s primary way of content release throughout the year after Shadowkeep. Here is a quick rundown of everything changing and happening with the new seasons.

Seasonal Artifact

At the beginning of each season, all players will be presented with an artifact that has dozens of mods and bonuses that are unlocked as you level up and play the game. The artifact will be shared across all three characters, making the progression smoother and more consistent. The mods and progression will go away at the end of the season, this allows us players to have fun making new builds for a time, but explore more new options in the future.

Season of the Undying

When Shadowkeep becomes available, the Season of the Undying PVP stuff and a few other things will be available on October 1st. However, the main PVE parts; the story, Black Forest Raid and possibly the new seasonal activity will be available on October 5th as soon as the Raid is finished. I’m super excited to see how the world will change, the Vex’s retaliation after whatever happens in the raid and what it will culminate to throughout the season. Bungie has said that the lore and story will build and progress somewhat like the Curse did in Forsaken or in Season of the Drifter.

Season Pass and Ranks

Along with the Seasonal Artifact, there will be a Seasonal Ranking which will reward players who own the Season Pass or not. There are 100 ranks which can be completed through any and all activities, it is just XP that progresses Seasonal Rank. As a person goes through the ranks, they will receive certain drops that are displayed from day one. Players that buy the Season Pass will receive the normal rewards plus extra materials, earlier access to armor and exotics and an exotic weapon, emote plus other things. 

Bungie is making things totally up to the player to what they want to buy or not buy. If you just want Shadowkeep and none of the other seasons? You can do that. If you just want the seasonal things and play a lot more casually? You can do that. If you’re strapped for cash and can’t buy anything new until January? You can opt out of all the new paid content, enjoy New Light’s campaigns, crucible, PVE stuff and Gambit all you want. This is the best way to experience Destiny, at your own pace and your own price.

The Seasonal system is changing a lot, and this will ultimately be best for the community in my opinion. ABut What do you think? Will you get the Seasonal Passes? Let us know!