DESTINY - Bungie and Activision's Messy and Glorious Divorce


When Bungie and Activision decided to finally get a divorce, I was both thrilled and terrified. Bungie is a great company, don’t get me wrong, they have come up with some of the best shooters of all time and Destiny is a overall an amazing achievement with some some faults. The split up happened recently and it has been a big buzz allover. Most people have already talked about what things are good and bad about the separation and it basically boils down to this:

  1. Bungie gets to make Destiny with a much less focus and burden of hitting certain due dates.

  2. Bungie can focus on Destiny being more of a passion project for their community (both casual and hardcore).

  3. Bungie will not have the budgetary stability and or reliance of Activision to stand on.

With these things in mind, and they are important, I want to focus on what it could mean for the player. What are the possibilities day to day? What will happen? Will Xur finally be awesome again? So I have three things I want and three things I don’t want from this massive change.


Trials of the Nine, Trials of Osiris, and new genuine activities for players to enjoy. I want Destiny to dive into its deeper weird side, having such a strong PVP and PVE understanding, Gambit was just the surface of what Destiny could be. GIVE US MORE! Even if things are crazy, broken and weird, it is better to try and fix things than not have them at all.

More Black Armory! I know, that sounds crazy because of the mixed bag that it is, but it was their first try. We got a new type of match making activity, we got new gear (a little slim picking, but it is there), new exotic weapons that feel great and new ways to explore lore through a slow burning story. How great is this!? I think that this plus the annual pass or a small subscription fee would be great for Destiny overall with a possibly large paid DLC every year or so would be great.

Micro Transactions. Yes, I want these. No way will I ever pay for them, but what if almost everything was done through the Eververse (cosmetically speaking)? Like now, but 10 times the size, with cheaper and more expensive items to cater to a wide variety of people while still being able to buy things with bright dust. Those that pay a lot can look super cool with ease, but the most useful and most special stuff is still locked behind game play and quests like the Wish Ender or Izanagi's Burden.

Don’t Wants

Excessively long daunting quests that keep going and going with no end in sight, especially for content that should be more readily available. Yes, I am talking about Black Armory. The calibrations for the weapons was fun and I get the “lore” behind it. But, to go to this place, get these kill, go here, travel there, talk to one person and immediately leave and get more precision multi-kills… has to stop or at least be reduced. On the other hand, the pinnacle weapons are a genius idea, how to get them, their length of quest and everything (but that is slightly different because we knew exactly what we were building towards and it didn’t lock us out of other things). Just make the quests for new activities and content be a little more reasonable and less boring.

Partnering with someone else. Stay by yourselves for a bit. Like a real break up, a rebound doesn’t normally help the real heartbreak and problems from the previous relationship. So Bungie, please, take some time, the game is really great right now, it is just having some stumbles but I fully believe that you guys alone can fix Destiny 2 to be unbelievable. Maybe don’t add anything new for a whole two months to get back on your feet with a full set schedule of releases, content and events that the community can enjoy for years to come.

Streamlined for the casual player. Free to play? Battle Royal? Nerf everything into the ground making everything boring and identical. PLEASE NO!!! They’re is a good community, and even though we may be small, if treated correctly, we will grow. Stay difficult, stay crazy, stay Destiny.

There are obviously many other things the I want and don’t want, but these are my major things I am earnestly looking forward to the coming six months for Destiny 2. Also, please just wait for Destiny 3. Destiny 2 has another full year and a half life span, we don’t need to wipe the slate clean, we just need to tidy up what we have now. I have a lot of hopes and worries, but what do you think? Is Bungie in trouble, did Activision cut their losses right before Anthem came out on purpose or will this finally be Bungie’s chance to make a game as good as the Halo games in lore and game play? Let us know here and If you want to chat more and what you think will happen.