DESTINY Ending Support For PS3/Xbox 360 In Mid August

It's the end of the road last gen snobs. Bungie will begin viewing Xbox 360 and PS3 as "legacy consoles" and cease providing their copies of Destiny with updates beginning August 16th. Gamespot reports players wishing to jump over to new gen and keep their account have until then to go to Bungie's account transfer page to continue playing off their account. Weirdly enough, even PS4 and Xbox One owners have to "transfer" their accounts with this new system so I'm guessing the game needs a new system entirely to completely phase out last gen.

The good news is if you don't care about updates, you can still play the game online with everything that's been provided so far and continue to be stubborn about new gen and think you can hold out until the next one.

The bad news is if you're looking for the community to get all up in arms about this're in the minority. Bungie says 90% of their player base plays on Xbox One and PS4 so you're a dinosaur amongst the 2 year strong community. Honestly it's kind of crazy that with all it's problems Destiny still has a solid player base 2 years later! I owned the game at launch but ended up trading it in after several months as I couldn't find anyone to raid with and I was beyond done with playing the same missions over and over again. Has the game improved since then?