DESTROY ALL HUMANS! REMAKE Will Invade Multiple Platforms In 2020


The original publishers of Destroy All Humans! has announced that they are remaking the game with Unreal Engine 4. THQ Nordic’s internal studio Black Forest Games is hard at work making sure we get the best looking landscapes, quirky and mean aliens, along with a massive upgrade to the combat and controls this time around. The original 2005 game that was developed by Pandemic Studios was a huge success and so it only make sense that an improved version of the game released on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One is something many have been waiting for - even if they didn’t know it until it was announced.

Answering the top two questions themselves, see what THQ Nordic listed as their answers to the following questions:

  • What are we keeping just the way it was and should be?
    The unique 50s alien invasion story and legendary dialogues full of quirky humor.”

  • What are we carefully updating?
    ”Crypto is more agile than ever, his aerial combat skills improved, his psychic skills can now be used in glorious unison with his guns. And the new Psychokinesis… ever wondered what’d happen if a Jedi had a love child with the Goat Simulator? You’re welcome for that mental image.”

I am pretty excited to see this game get remastered and remember fondly having so much fun playing this back when it first came out. This is sure to be a great remake title and one that many should be excited to see put in the works. Are you looking forward to invading a 50’s era Earth all over again?