DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN Is Now Available For Pre-Purchase On The Epic Games Store


Quantic Dream’s 2018 PS4 hit Detroit: Become Human will soon be available on PC! Following the companies move back to third party development, it was announced that the previous PlayStation exclusive titles would make their way to PC. And make their way to PC they have with great ports of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls now available on the Epic Games Store.

The final game to make the leap from Quantic Dream’s PlayStation Exclusive games list is Detroit: Become Human which will be available soon. As with the previous PC releases from the company, a demo showcasing one or two of the games early chapters is planned for late summer. The full game launch is currently slated for fall but sadly no set date has been made available yet. If you know you are planning to pick up the game, pre-purchases have begun over on the Epic Games Store.

Due to Detroit: Become Human being a more recent title its PC port will cost more than Quantic’s previous PC ports at $39.99. The PC version is expected to support mouse and keyboard controls and resolutions up to 4K. I also expect that ultra-wide monitors will be supported but we will have to wait and see if the implementation is done correctly. Framerates will also get a bump up to 60 FPS over the 30 of the PS4 original. With how well Quantics last 2 titles have transitioned to PC I have high hopes for Detroit: Become Human on PC. Keep an eye out on GameTyrant for our full review of Detroit: Become Human in the coming months.

What have you thought about Quantic Dream’s PC ports so far?