Developer Says That CRACKDOWN 3 Is "Pretty Much Done"

Initially announced back in 2013 and after multiple delays, Microsoft’s upcoming title, Crackdown 3, is scheduled to release next year. Microsoft refuses to delay the game once again, and luckily, developer Sumo Digital said that the game is “pretty much done.”

In a statement to GamesIndustry, Paul Porter, the managing director for Sumo Digital, said that ever since the takeover of the UK studio on the development of the project, the team has been busy with the game, which is why they have remained silent over the years. 

Porter further revealed that the development team is well aware of the disappointment of players with Crackdown 2, which is why Crackdown 3 will take a different approach from its predecessor. 

“…As you know the release date’s moved back, confirmed as February next year, and that’s great news because it gives us the time to polish a game that’s pretty much done, but make it better and better. The way to make the best games is you finish them, then finish them again, and then finish them again. That’s what we’re doing with Crackdown 3.”

It has been five years since Crackdown 3 was announced and was delayed multiple times so hopefully, the developers will be able to keep their promise this time and release the game as scheduled.

Crackdown 3 is slated to release on February 2019 for the Xbox One and PC. Are you still anticipating for the release of this game? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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