Development of LIFE IS STRANGE 2 Confirmed Again


Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of Life is Strange, has once again announced in the video below that the sequel is in development. Not only have they confirmed that the second season started development with the disc release of Life is Strange, but also indicate that that they have sold three million copies of the debut time-travelling game. 

Not much information is known at this point, such as how much development is still required and by when we can expect further news on the release. The last time we discussed the development of the sequel on GameTyrant,  it was announced that it would consist of a totally new cast of characters in a new setting, while maintaining similar themes and atmosphere. This has not been reconfirmed by the team as yet, but what we do know, based on the announcement on the Square-Enix site, is that the reveal will not be made at E3 (cue the melodramatic, anti-climactic saxophone).

Life is Strange was a marvellous adventure, as was the developer's episodic game Remember ME. We are sure Life is Strange 2 will be just as exciting and memorable, if not more. You can see our full review of Life is Strange here.

Source: Square-Enix; Eurogamer