DEVIL MAY CRY On Switch Is Confirmed To Be A Simple Port

As Expected the upcoming release of Devil May Cry on the Nintendo Switch is simply a port of the PS4 version included with the Devil May Cry HD Collection. The lineage of the Switch version was confirmed by Capcom PR to USGamer. It also seems that all the focus in the present is just on getting Devil May Cry shipped on the Switch this summer and that no other titles in the series are in the works for Nintendo’s hybrid.

Capcom is focused on bringing the original Devil May Cry experience for the first time to a Nintendo system. No other titles have been announced.
— Capcom PR

I honestly still expect to see all three of the classic games make their way to the Switch in due time. Unfortunately it seems this plan might take longer than expected or hoped for. I for one would honestly love replaying Devil May Cry 1 and 3 on the Switch so I am looking forward to release this summer. Now let’s just hope Capcom doesn’t price gouge us much on a single game that they have had as part of a three game bundle for the past 7 years…

What Devil May Cry titles would you love to see on the Switch?!