DIABLO III: RISE OF THE NECROMANCER is an Absolute (Corpse) Blast

What's Old is New Again

I don't even want to nor have I looked how much total time I've spent on Diablo IIIBetween the base game, expansion, seasons, etc, it's a ton o' hours. The Rise of the Necromancer DLC along with a new content patch have arrived and I started to think back. I've mostly enjoyed the game, mainly because ARPGs are my faves but the loot system and auction house of the base game really turned me cold. Now, even though a pricey proposition at $15, Necromancer is by far the best Diablo III has looked and played since.

While we are still leveling up our Necro, DeadTyrant, she is already ready Bone Spearing baddies, blowing up corpses, and thumping skeletons with a huge flesh golem. While it's a bit tough to master the class at first, pretty soon, you'll be slinging spells and controlling minions like a boss. It's an absolute riot to rack up chain kills via corpse blast and also to see your skeleton army rush a group of goatmen. The newest areas, located in Act II Adventure Mode, especially Shrouded Moors, look fantastic. The new areas are dark, dank, and probably the bloodiest Blizzard has produced so far.  Strangely, those are part of a free content update so, really, all you get with the DLC is the Necro class, some banners, and other minimal goodies. 


Overall, if you are even a slight fan of DIII, I say pick this up ASAP. Casual fans or those short on gaming dollars, you may want to wait for a discount. Stay tuned for more footage and deets on the latest class o' gaming goodness from Blizzard but in the mean time, check out some 4K gameplay from the Shrouded Moors area of the game and watch this Necro pulverize...